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South Africans Cheer as Zimbabwean Makes Off with R1 Million



Social Media Celebrates Zimbabwean’s Disappearance After Alleged R1 Million Theft from Kruger National Park Eatery

South Africans have taken to social media to celebrate following news that a Zimbabwean national, Amos Tineyi Kampinya, allegedly absconded with nearly R1 million from Mugg & Bean in Kruger National Park.

According to the Hawks, the 44-year-old Kampinya is accused of pilfering R897,229 from the establishment before disappearing, prompting a search operation by authorities.

Hawks province spokeswoman Captain Dineo Lucy Sekgotodi stated,

“It is further alleged that Kampyinya stole company funds to the amount of R897,229 and disappeared. He was sought at his previous known address, at Karino Flats near Mbombela and he was not found.”

Social Media Reactions

The news of the theft has sparked various reactions across South African social media platforms. Many individuals expressed sentiments of vindication, criticising the employment practices of companies that hire foreign nationals over locals. Here are some of the notable reactions:

Celebratory Tweets:

  • MR DICK @kabelodick: “The Hawks must not waste our tax money chasing Zimbabweans, Mugg & Bean knew what they were doing & our resources must not be wasted for nonsense…”
  • ChrisExcel @ChrisExcel102: “Well done to the Zim brother.”
  • Land Owner @NathiSibiya8: “It’s serves them right… If he was a South African they would trace him with ID numbers.”

Calls for More Incidents:

  • T – man (touch) @__T_touch: “Serves them right. More Zim people should do this angithi bangama manager vele 😏”
  • Tembeka Mnisi @tembimnisi: “@Mugg_and_Bean you accuse us of being lazy look at you now, you will learn the hard way, hire South Africans and you will be able to trace them…”

Mixed Experiences:

  • Nosipho @Nocylove123: “Zimbabweans are never beating the allegations… I still have trauma of how everything I owned was stolen from me while I was on holiday by a Zimbabwean lady and her man 🤣🤣. But God being good, it’s been restored🙏”

The incident has ignited a broader conversation about immigration, employment practices, and social attitudes towards foreign nationals in South Africa. While some celebrate Kampinya’s alleged actions, others recount negative experiences with Zimbabweans. The incident serves as a reminder of the complex dynamics surrounding immigration and employment in the country.

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