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“Some days were hellish,” Bontle Modiselle on Priddy Ugly’s final album



Bontle Modiselle appreciates husband’s final album

Bontle Modiselle gives a review of her husband, Priddy Ugly’s final album titled Dust.

The album is his third studio album, but also the final and he gave his all to the project.

Taking to social media, the choreographer talked about the process of recording the album.

“That’s it. It feels so final. But you really did it. I’m Teary eyed as I type this because I know what creating this album felt and looked like for you. Some days were hellish, others were a peace you fought for you…if you had the fight in you. And often, that fight was just to stay alive. Extremes of everything. Priddy — Ugly. What an ending,” she wrote.

“You’ve always said your pen is your prayer…I know God hears you, and those who hear you too, will feel you too. You hold a mirror up to allow people to see themselves or reflect the reality of a society they live in. Love it or hate it, it will make you feel a way.”

Bontle further talked about the tracklist and her favourite on the list.

I have a couple personal favs. ‘Falling’ and ‘No Plan’ I had already heard the first drafts almost exactly a year ago, flying back on my return from Utah NBA All Star. I cried. Lol. Afrika loves mommy and daddy’s song ‘What’s the Math’ so of course I’m biased to it 😂. However, nothing compares to hearing her prayer in ‘Broken Home [Afrika’s Prayer]’. Has me in a chokehold.
‘Rest In Power’ is just something else.
‘Mosha’ is a GLIDE 🏄🏾‍♂️ .
‘So Disrespectful’??!! 😮‍💨 Cumon!
‘Soul Food’ is exactly that!
‘Family Man’ between you and Thato is just supreme.
‘I Ain’t Got The Answers’, ‘Piece for Peace’ and ‘Profit’??!! I lied. The whole thing is my fav and I keep editing this caption as I listen to the album 😂

The dancer expressed gratitude to people tho made the journey beautiful and motivating for her husband.

“I’m grateful to those who held you down, those who ran, sat, tussled, and walked the journey with you. Grateful to those who mocked you because that too was a fuel to your fire. Every contribution on this body of work is beautiful.”

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