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Skeem Saam| Mapitsi wedding has turned out to be the best, see details



It ended in happiness for the Turfloop young couple who are still growing up to build a huge family that will inspire generations to come, and this time everyone was not sure if the wedding was going to proceed because of Meeke state of mind where the was been feared of causing havoc.

She nearly did cause havoc when Kwaito can’t in during the middle of the event and she was stopped so embarrassed to see how people were happy, as they were because most people were celebrating how Kwaito has shared his words to his childhood friend that grow up together.

The people of Turfloop were looking beautiful when they were attending the wedding of this young couple where they celebrated this important day by going all out to the shops to buy clothes, and hire expensive cars that they will use to attend this wedding with which looks good for them.

But how will this end as both Manarriages Mapitsi and Thabo will be influenced by people who have been struggling to out order on their marriages, we’re divorce is the only thing that they think can solve all their problems which can cause more harm than they think.

But many people have realized how Leeto’s marriage has ended and now they feared that Mokgadi can cause serious damages by installing negative things, on Mapitsi’s head so that he can cause them to divorce as she is jealous about how his marriage has ended this year.

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