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Scandal| Things will get worse for Quinton this week



The launch of the most successful companies in Jozi ended in a lot of tears as the drama introduces the most powerful family that will join the crew this week, and Friday night was the right time to introduce them to all television viewers who love to watch this drama every evening.

The new family of Kubheka played by the most experienced actors on the television that has featured on many good dramas in the country, were someone like Fana Mokoena is the most influential person in the industry where he is the EFF member in parliament and also played on big movies in the world.

The Nyathi family might have been the one who will be affected by the chaos that has been caused by this family when their truck crash on the Scandal buildings, which might make this two-family serious enemy in the coming months because of what they have done to Quinton and Dintle.

The question is how the Nyathi’s will react after this and this is what many people are waiting to see next week because the drama ended on a serious tragedy that might claim the lives of many people, and Monday will be the day that people will see this happening on their television screens.

The real fact is that the drama is blessing us with good things this day that can attract the hearts of many people who are looking to see some action happening, and this time a lot is taking place on Scandal and people cannot ignore this because it entertains them every night with their families.

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