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Sbahle Mpisane Reportedly Arrested For Reckless Driving



Oh, Sbahle Mpisane, it seems trouble just can’t stay away from you. The reality TV star and Kwa Mam’Mkhize sensation recently found herself in a bit of a pickle after being arrested for reckless and negligent driving during the festive season. Talk about starting the new year on the wrong foot!

According to reports, Sbahle was allegedly caught driving recklessly in Midrand, Gauteng, and was promptly booked into the police holding cells.

But hey, at least she’s out on bail now, right? It seems the Mpisane siblings have a knack for attracting trouble on the roads, as Sbahle’s brother Andile has also had his fair share of run-ins with the law for reckless driving.

Now, you may remember that Sbahle had a near-fatal car accident back in 2018, which left her with a permanent ankle injury.

You would think that such a close call would make anyone think twice before getting behind the wheel and driving recklessly again. But alas, it seems old habits die hard.

While we wait for Sbahle’s court hearing dates to be confirmed, let’s hope that she takes this as a wake-up call and learns from her past mistakes.


After all, life is too precious to be risked on the roads. Maybe it’s time for Sbahle to trade in her moon boot for a more responsible driving attitude.

Remember folks, it’s always better to arrive a few minutes late than to not arrive at all. Let’s hope Sbahle gets the message loud and clear. Stay safe out there, everyone!

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