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Saying ‘I love you’ after s*x can lead to break up



It might sound ridiculous, but it’s sadly true. According to a research undertaken by Illinois State University communications professor Sandra Metts, which was pursued in early 2000s, saying “I love you” before and after having sex can reflect on the trajectory of the relationship.

As per Mett, while saying “I love you” before having sex could imply a positive impact on a particular relationship, muttering the three words after making a sexual contact, mostly had a negative impact on the relationship.

Her study carried out on over 300 college going men and women was successful in providing a checklist of potential steps individuals should take before getting physical, the most important one being having an emotional connection and good communication.

Incidentally, Metts is not the only researcher who’s hinted at waiting before taking the physical plunge, according to a recent study undertaken by researchers at Cornell University, USA found out that couples waiting to have sex find themselves in happier relationships than the ones who’ve already made a sexual contact.
“Courtship is a time for exploration and decision-making about the relationship, when partners assess compatibility, make commitments and build on emotional and physical intimacy,” suggested the researchers, implying That delaying sex gave couples the much needed time to build an understanding and check their compatibility levels.
The data garnered by the study suggested that women, who had waited to have sex seemed happier than those who got intimate right in the beginning.

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