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SA young man promised to sent Ramaphosa to prison if he becomes the president



An angry South African youth who is not particularly angry with the happenings in the government said that he would not hesitate to jail president Cyril Ramaphosa permanently without trial If he ever becomes the president.

The man who reacting to a public survey or opinion by a social media user who is asking South Africans what they would do if they are elected as the number one citizen of the country.

He noted that he would proceed to put the president to jail without even trial. He also responded that the cluelessly in the present government is overwhelmingly high,

saying that politicians are now suddenly taking care of people unlike before. Furthermore, he wrote, “Jail Ramaphosa without trial. Detain him indefinitely without trial”. From all indication,

it could be assumed that the aggrieved youth must be a supporter of ex-president, Jacob Zuma whose followers are still aggrieved for his incarceration.

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