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SA celebrities have who attempted suicide



1. Proverb

Proverb is a former rapper and South African idol host. Proverb revealed in his book called the book of proveb that after his divorce from his ex-wife onalena in 2015, he fell into depression

His marriage of 10 years has ended up after he discovered that his wife had cheated on him with a contraversial businessman Edwin Saudi. This was a very difficult time for him and he felt like a failure. This was the time he attempted to take his life.

In the book he revealed how he drove to three different pharmacies to buy the strongest painkillers. When he got home he hugged his entraged wife, took wine and went to their balcony.

This is when he took the pills and drank the wine. Fortunately he was found by his brother who rushed him to the hospital.

2. Clement Maosa

Clement is a South African actor that plays a role of kwaito on skeem saam. In an interview with move magazine the actor revealed how his mother died just few weeks after completing his matric and his father followed a month later.

This was such a difficult time for him. He lost both his parents during the time he was getting ready to start his law degree at university of Limpopo. He was devastated and as a result he attempted suicide two times as he felt he had nothing to live for.

3. Raphael Griffiths

Raphael is a South African singer and actor. He’s popular for his TV role on Muvhango and Imbewu. The actor tried to commit suicide in 2015 after a break up with his ex girlfriend Thuli who dumped him for the son of a rich businessman.

When contacted for comment…Thuli revealed how Raphael was an unsupportive boyfriend while on the other hand Raphael was just feeling sorry for himself nursing a broken heart and dealing with the pressure of being a celebrity. It was just too much for him hence he decided to commit suicide.

4. Rachel kolisi

The philanthropist and wife to the springbok captain ciya kolisi… Speaking to Mphumi Ledwaba on her podcast called wisdom and wellness Rachel opened up about her battle with depression which was caused by the divorce of her parents when she was a teenager.

This was a very difficult time for her and she found herself in an unhealthy friendship group that had a very bad influence upon her and that led her in attempting suicide at the age of

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