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Robert Marawa has been sacked from his Job via text message



South Africans were left speechless on Friday afternoon after Robert Marawa was fired by his bosses through text message which left many of his fans very angry because they were looking to have him on the show for a long time, but things got ruined when the public broadcast thought otherwise about his future.

Many people are blaming a political tension that is going on in the country which has affected those who believe in the radical economic transformation which is the idea of the former president of the country, Jacob Zuma and those who believe in the deas of Cyril Ramaphosa.

He has been described as a person who doesn’t take insults easily from the bosses as he keeps to be honest on his job because of the loyalty that he has for his listeners who listen to his show every day, but now people are still expecting his next move on we’re will he go after losing his job.

The situation in the Sabc looks more political as many are starting to support the side of Cyril Ramaphosa and it becomes difficult for those who support Zuma. This might cause harm to the current president because they might reveal some sensitive information that can be beneficial to Zuma.

There have been some serious issues in the Sabc which has caused some workers to take them to the CCMA which ended so badly for the broadcaster where they lost their case in court this year, and some presenters like Palesa Chubisi were returned to their work after winning their cases.

Can Robert Marawa take a legal route and take the broadcaster to the CCMA because he didn’t get a proper chance to tell the side of his story into this matter as he was fired through the text message, this means that SABC didn’t follow the correct procedure to fire him by letter.

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