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Ramaphosa has visted a millions project bridge in Wild coast on Friday, see details



The president of the country Cyril Ramaphosa yesterday visited the N2 wild coast in the Eastern Cape where he was monitoring the project that is long-awaited by the people of this country, where they are building the bridge of a road that will link the road between two provinces.

The road is linking Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal and it will be finished in 2023 where millions of money have been spent to make sure that this projects, proceeds and this will boost the economy of the country a lot looking at how these two provinces have been improving this day.

Ramaphosa shocked many people on the video when he was greeting the leadership of the province, where he mentioned a wrong person as the mayor of this municipality which has been a wondering factor of why tge president doesn’t know the people that he leads or work with everything.

Maybe the president could have made a research about this mayor of the town that he visits so that he can avoid the tension that many opposition parties can use against him in the elections, because a leader knows the people that he leads every day which is very important for the party.

One of the things that people can ask is how Ramaphosa works with these people without noticing them because sometimes he might have seen his face somewhere, or contacted him when he was organizing his visit to this town which is doing wonders to the economy of the country.

It’s clear that the president spent a lot of time with the premiers and ministers and maybe Oscar Mabuyane could have put the mayor on the mind of the president because the work that she is doing speaks for itself, and this can make him well recognized in the office of the party.

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