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Ramaphosa has stunned Malema again in court



The president of the country Cyril Ramaphosa has been always been victorious this day when he appears in the court of law after been accused of corruption, on his CR17 election campaign in Nazarec where he was voted as the new president of the African National Congress by the branches on that conference.

This comes after the Pretoria high court took a decision on Tuesday morning for the CR17 statement to remain sealed after Economic Freedom Fighters, open a case demanding that the president should reveal this statement on who has funded him on his elections campaign.

The drama continues as Ramaphosa won another case against Julius Malema who is out to remove him, from the presidency of the party and the presidency because now he is teaming up with the children f Jacob Zuma who feels pain about the court decision.

According to his children, their father was not given a fair trial where he was not been judged fairly in the court of law under the leadership of Cyril Ramaphosa, who has been doing dominating his court cases these days after winning the second round of this case.

It looks like the battle is still going on between Malema and Ramaphosa because Malema’s wisdom and prophecy are working in his favor, where he warned the president about many activities that are happening in the country.

Maybe if Ramaphosa can take Malema’s advice he might start to see things on a different side, but with the current situation going on in the Anc the fight between these two is far from over as EFF still demanding that this statement must be revealed to the country.

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