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R100 billion to be spend on Modernizing Durban port



The president is coming with new ideas to fix the country during this difficult times of pandemic

But how will this R100 billion benefit ordinary South Africans because the only people who will benefit will be the rich only.

It is a risk to allow Transnet to take over this huge tender because of the corruption that is happening.

Maybe the president should have clean transnet first then give them such a huge multi billion tender.

It is also a good business idea but the money is giving away to a struggling company.

The company that is appearing before the state capture commission with accusation of relationship with Gupta family.

There are also dodgy deals are also going on our port maybe it is time to clean this mess before giving away this money.

It might sound like the president is allowing corruption to happen again because this companies must clear their names first.

It’s a fact that the trade industry is the pillar to our country economy but how will the poor benefit from this.

If the gorvement spend so much this means South Africans must be involved onto this business .

Maybe they should be training that must be provided to people on how this business works.

Because it’s the tax payers money that will be used to modernise this port and it should benefit all people.

It’s about about the economy of the country being stable by getting other people involved in this business.

Now people will get those jobs for a certain period then after that they will be unemployed again.

This are the things that the government will look at ,that people can earn decent income.

According to experts this is a good business that people should be involved in but they lack access to information.


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