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Pearl Modiadie Ready To Keep It Local After Being Dumped By European Baby Daddy



Pearl Modiadie is very lonely and ready to mingle! It’s been just a few months since the TV presenter’s baby daddy left her for another woman and she has now healed and ready to find love again and it sounds like this time she wants to keep it keep local.

The star who shares a baby boy with a Europan man, made the top of the news headlines after it was revealed that her lover dumped her with her newborn baby. The two have since tried co-parenting and things are somehow going a be well in that department.

We guess when Pearl suggested co-parenting she had hope that they might mend their broken relationship but unfortunately it has already been broken beyond repair. The new mommy stayed out of umjolo for over three months and now she has told the world that she’s back in the market.

Making an announcement of being lonely the star poised it as a question so it might not be too obvious that she’s calling on suitors:

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