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Parents unhappy over incomplete construction of Theresa Park High – SABC News



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The Gauteng Education Department’s failure to complete the construction of the Theresa Park High School in northern Pretoria has resulted in learners only attending school twice a week. The school operates using mobile classrooms which have been placed inside the yard of Amandasig High School.

The mobile classrooms only cater for Grade 8 and 9 learners.

Hygiene is also a challenge due to inadequate water and sanitation facilities which are shared by learners from both schools. Northern Pretoria is one of Gauteng regions battling with school shortages.

Theresa Park High School was established last year as an overflow school resulting from the many applications received in Pretoria North. Mobile classrooms were erected at Amandasig High School to provide interim relief.

A year later, and with more learners, the school is now failing to accommodate all its learners, resulting in a rotating schedule. The construction of mobile classrooms at another site, 5km away, is continuing. But parents have been told they might have to wait a bit longer as there is no water and electricity at the new site.

Parents are unhappy.

“I’ve been in conversations with the education department, and I’ve emailed the MEC’s office, just to notify them that I am not happy with the state of the school. It just seems like they are bulking up kids for the sake of doing it. Whatever I am seeing now, I am not happy. Transitioning from primary to high school is a huge responsibility, so for one to have only two classes who is going to monitor them? I’m having second thoughts honestly,” says one of the parents.

Another parent says, “My daughter started last week; she attended only two days which was overcrowded. After Monday they gave them textbooks and told them to come back today, Friday.”

But that is not the only issue. A parent says the rotational schedule also comes with cost implications.

“I’m paying transport for two kids, one is still in primary, I’m paying R1 000, this one is going to school two times a week. I am paying the same amount. If I want to pay half or a discount, then they are going to replace a seat then my daughter won’t have a seat. I am paying the same amount, but my daughter is going to school eight times a month.”

The parents say they have been told they will be relocated to the new premises at the end of the month. The Gauteng Education Department was not available for comment.


Full Story Source: Parents unhappy over incomplete construction of Theresa Park High – SABC News

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