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Papa Penny has made a huge threat to the president



Papa Penny has given Ramaphosa 48 hours to resolve music problems or he will shut down the industPennyis one of the experienced musicians in this country and he has made a name for himself during the 90s when he was singing disco music, the man from Giyana Limpopo has just become the topic of every household with his reality show that were played on Mzanzi magic.

He has just made statement were has given Ramaphosa 48 hours to deal with the issues that involve the music industry where he promised to shut it down if Ramaphosa doesn’t solve them, because many artists are suffering because of the Covid19 pandemic that leads to lockdown.

Many artists have been struggling to make a living during the tough lockdown restrictions in the country and this has made many musicians to lose their houses because they cannot offered to pay their bonds, and the government must intervene in this issue very soon.

People are waiting to see if Ramaphosa will respond to Papa Penny or the Limpopo man will have no choice but to shut down the entire industry, where many people are using this industry as a way to gather themselves together through the music that plays on the radio or that plays on the car.

Is Penny the real threat to Ramaphosa because things might cause havoc in the whole country where many people are struggling to get money for their families every day and people can use this as a way to fight the government like has happened last month in KwaZulu-Natal.

The problems that have affected the artist are very serious where most of them have died poor because they didn’t get enough support from the government, and they have also made wrong deals with their recording companies where they lost a huge amount of money.

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