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Nomzamo’s Body Is Finally Exhumed… Who’s Going To Jail?



On Last night’s episode
Nonka reached a dangerous place and indirectly told Nomzamo to Lilly and MaDongwe.Lilly caught on and advised her to say to the police.



Nonka hadn’t been handling what happened at the Distillery very well. She had a little talk with Sbu and tried to look for support from him but, no dice.

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Sambulo finally launched the #justice for Nomzamo campaign at church to a shocked Nkunzi and Gabisile. Sambulo suspects Sibonelo and the two have been at each other’s throats since Nomzamo’s disappearance.

Nkunzi has hired the services of Nyawo to find the people who broke into his offices and stole his money. The deal is he gets the money that is in the safe, R500,000
Njeza joined the Khuluma Ndoda meetings and confessed all he did to Nosipho. He received the support he needed.

Pastor Gwalas house renovations are almost done, and they are perfect. MaGadla and MaDongwe are hard at work helping with the cleanup.
One thing about S’bonelo’s boot, Yey, siyalayishwa bo is’dumbu!

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On today’s episode

Nonka’s guilt pushes her to bare her soul to Pastor Gwala, and he doesn’t waste time. He reports all to the police. Mondli launches an exhumation for Nomzamo’s body at the Bhebhe distillery, but Nyawo warns Sibonelo about that, and he organises Sbu.

These two exhume the body first and put it in Sibonelo’s car boot. The smell in the car must be unbearable! It’s been weeks since they buried her.

Njeza is going through the most in jail. All things that could go wrong is. Today he will hit rock bottom because someone he trusts betrays him.

Babekazi is at it again. Will she get away with it this time? Nkunzi will murder her if he catches her. She needs more, and she goes to the Mhlongo house bank.

Let’s watch and see how everything unfolds tonight at KwaMashu.
Catch Uzalo on SABC1 tonight at 20h30.



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