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Mzansi speculate the causes of Minnie Dlamini and Quinton Jones’ divorce



Minnie Dlamini and Quinton Jones’s divorce touched the hearts of their fans, and they have been speculating about the possible causes. Since announcing the news, the divorced couple went off social media. They posted a joint statement on their Instagram account to confirm their divorce. The couple said they jointly hold a serious commitment to their friendship, business partnership and remaining responsible parents.

Unbecoming Mrs Jones
Minnie and Quinton – Image Credit:.instagram

Becoming and unbecoming Mrs Jones

Mzansi fell in love with the TV programme Becoming Mrs Jones. Minnie started the reality and lifestyle show after their marriage in 2017. The Mzansi TV personality chronicled her journey from singlehood to marital bliss in this highly anticipated three-part wedding special. Fans enjoyed Becoming Mrs Jones and invested their emotions in the union. As a result, they now demand to know the ‘unbecoming Mrs Jones’ reasons.

This divorce goes in history as one of the country’s most well-talked-about divorces. Mzansi got used to divorce situations where parties fight and blackmail each other on social media. The Jones escaped the trap. Instead, they opted to work as a team to announce it jointly. In privacy, the two partners maybe follow the proceedings on social media. While on the wait, we look into the reasons rumoured to be the causes.

The reasons behind Minnie Dlamini and Quinton Jones’s divorce

Minnie Dlamini goes explicit.

It came as a shocker to fans on social media to see a married Minnie posting nude pictures on Instagram. If social media was concerned by such images, what would the Jones family feel about it?. When Minnie posted the photo, she may have been sure of the divorce, or it became a significant reason for Quinton.

Minnie joins the divorced and single ladies.

Birds of the same feather flock together. Fans have noted the growing friendship between Minnie and Unathi Nkayi. Unathi is a divorcee, and associating with her could be interpreted as the cause of Minnie’s divorce from Quinton. “The slay in me recognises the slay in you”, she captioned a picture posing with Unathi.

Minnie Dlamini and Unathi – Image Credit: Instagram (MinnieDlamini)

Quinton and Minnie have opposing characters

Jones being an introvert while married to an extrovert may have been the real problem. Quinton is in the entertainment business, and he constantly works behind the camera. A fan commented that Minnie entered the marriage as a celebrity but not as a wife to be submissive. The fans believe the pair was a complete mismatch.



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