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Mzansi reacts to Jareed, Liema and Mpumi’s bedroom game in BBMzansi’s house



BBMzansi viewers are triggered by a recent display from the housemates – Jareed, Liema, and Mpumi.

At night, when a majority of the viewers were asleep, the three aforementioned housemates were busy having a good time in bed.

As seen in the video shared on BBMzansi’s social media account, Jareed had a nice time with the women who slept by his side.

While many believed it was a strategy by the three housemates, others expressed disapproval of their behaviour on national TV.

It was further revealed that the three did worse at other places in the house.

“What they did in the shower is worse than this, i lost respect for all 3 of them, especially the one who is supposed to be mourning,” a comment reads.

See other reactions below:

“These strategies will crumble when Jareed goes home next week.”

“What a heck!!! This isn’t entertaining at all it’s actually boring now…”

“The stupid strategy never ever seen in bigbrother history if am not wrong.”

“We wanted drama,syamosha and we getting it. That’s what is it.”

“So jareed make both of them accept each other bcuz he can’t choose,parent need to do well in upbringing especially wen training female child,all i see is both of d ladies lack self respect,this isn’t interesting anymore.”

“Doing this on national TV and not getting anything at the end is quite embarrassing, you entertained the nation but at what cost?”

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