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Mr Brown returns to South Africa



Mr Brown is back in South Africa

Mr Brown, real name Lynol Siwela is back in South Africa after Home Affairs deported him back home to his home country, Zimbabwe.

The music producer tells Zimoja that he is excited to be back in SA as he misses his wife and children.

The musician will also have his first performance in South Africa on 24 February at a car was in Ebony Park, north-east of Johannesburg.

“I won’t lie, I missed my wife and my children. Being home was great as I got to work with a lot of stars from back home, I did very well and felt appreciated. But it’s also great to be back in SA, which is my second home. I have worked with a lot of amazing artists here and more is yet to come,” He said.

“I have reunited with my producer friend DJ AirBurn Sounds.”

Makhadzi’s produer further cleared the air on his deportation.

“I wasn’t deported. It was a minor issue that has been sorted,” he says. “I was allowed to come back a long time ago, but I chose to catch up with artists back home.”

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