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Minnie Dlamini Faces Online Criticism, Anele Mdoda Comes To Her Defense



South African media personality Minenhle “Minnie” Dlamini has been facing relentless criticism online, particularly regarding her appearance and personal life.

Since news of her divorce broke, it seems that her popularity among male fans has taken a hit. This was evident when she shared a short, sexy video on her social media platform, which received more criticism than the usual thousands of likes and shares. Trolls accused her of “fishing for a new husband.”


This backlash caught the attention of radio star Anele Mdoda, who came to Minnie’s defense on X. Mdoda expressed her disbelief at the number of grown men who spend their time hating on Minnie.

In response to a user who called the Minnie Dlamini hate train “forced and boring,” Mdoda simply replied, “By grown men. Bhod.”

It seems that South African actress and TV presenter Minnie Dlamini can’t catch a break lately. Following her split from husband Quinton Jones, social media users were abuzz with discussions about the end of their seemingly perfect union.

The shock factor increased when it was revealed that Quinton was allegedly demanding R10k a month in spousal support from the former Rockville star.

Now, Minnie finds herself trending once again after sharing a seductive video on her Instagram page.


However, instead of receiving admiration for her confidence, she faced criticism for showing off her body. One comment reads, “The moment they start taking their clothes off, just know they are finished.”

Amidst all the negativity, Anele Mdoda’s defense of Minnie brings a refreshing perspective. It’s clear that there are those who appreciate and support Minnie, even in the face of unwarranted criticism.

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