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Meet the master mind behind the success of every entrepreneur in South Africa



Vusi Thembekwayo is the man that makes things happen for many entrepreneurs in this country.

The man is a key for businesses that are operating today and the wisdom that he has makes them to function well.

Born in Tembisa having a dream to make it in life that’s what Vusi always wanted to do on his young age.

Now he runs the big company that is doing profitably well and he is a self made millionaire.

He is definitely the right guy to take any business to its success during this difficult of the pandemic.

He is the man that host siminares to motivate the young entrepreneur in this country about the path that they must take.

So that they can run successful businesses that will make money for them.

Thembekwayo is the new chairman of Silcon Cape the organization that aim to promote entrepreneurs.

The guy wisdom will push this company to creator heights were many young people will be involve in business.

He is also a motivational speaker were he gets invitation to come and speak to the people.

Most knows Thembekwayo as a guy that will connect them with the right funders for their business.

Business people are struggling to get the funding because of small issues that can be avoided.

But Thembekwayo bring hope to this entrepreneurs so that they can keep on pushing.

Imagine a guy that sell Kota and Fat cakes struggling to get the money for his business because of registration issues.

This is what Thembekwayo is aiming to help people about through his wisdom that God has given him.

Kota business is doing well in the township and the funders must open their doors.

So that people can get money to expand their businesses because they will also benefit from it.

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