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SK News team made follow up regarding the case of the 2 rapped goats at Maphata village outside Giyani.

It is alleged that Mr Patrick “Lepulane” Malatji had an argument with his ex partner Maria Huvani Mageva (58) on Saturday evening at one of the places where they usually drink traditional beer(umqombothi) that’s where the entire crisis began.

“Patrick and I are no longer staying together and it’s been some years now, ever since his first accusations of rapping two goats in 2020 at that very same kraal, I had a feeling that he wasn’t just a suspect he knew something” said Mageva(58)

Mr Malatji wanted to go home with Miss Mageva but she refused, it’s when Malatji left the spot at 01:30 Sunday(16th) went to a kraal in his neighborhood and picked one fresh goat, rapped it until it died and returned for the second one

“The way he left us at the umqombothi place I thought he was going to commit suicide, he was very furious” said one of our reliable source

Mr Malatji accepted that he rapped both goats but refusing that he’s the one who rapped the previous 2 goats in 2020 even though footprints ended at his yard

No case opened against Mr Malatji and he paid R1500 for all the damage and the money was given to the owner of this two goats

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