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Leshole has finally got has breakthrough on Skeemsam



It has been long in waiting for Leshole on Skeemsam after he has been going through on his family, where his father went missing and he had to stand up for himself to make sure that he puts bread On the table and also finish his pilot license.

After getting a job from Candice’s father Leshole life started to turn around where he had to get some money and pay for his bills, but Monday was a different day when he got a bank notification of receiving R80 000 on his account.

This might change his life cause the guy has been struggling a lot and this might change his life for the better, but he has to deal with some challenges that may come on his way so that he can enjoy the money that he has worked hard for.

With Fanie Maserumule feeling sorry for him the life of Leshole will never be the same because now he will be looking, to get his commercial flight license and qualify to get a stable job that he always needed.

The drama that he went through on Friday has also scared him a lot where he started panicking and thinking to escape, from his hometown of Turfloop but with the advice that he got from Kat, he might think otherwise before going.

But can this be a good idea for him well that what we will see him on Skeemsam this month, as the guy is going all that to reach his dream, that he has been waiting for all this time?

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