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Lady Du speaks about her suicide attempts



Lady Du, a famous singer, a prosperous businesswoman and a role model to many, has revealed her failed suicide attempts three years ago. The vocalist and DJ, whose real name is Dudu Ngwenya, has been candid about her process of healing from depression. On Monday, she posted on social media how she nearly died and felt hopeless.

Lady Du shared how Wawa, one of her employees at her beauty salon, helped her out of depression when she was low. “As I was praying, it dawned on me, three years ago on this day I tried to end my life. This young lady here and her sister rescued me. I was going through a lot in life and I became a coward.” she wrote, adding: “The reason I thank God every single day of my life and I lead such a simple life is because I was given a second chance, in that second chance God showed up personally and transformed my whole life,” she said. She added that the one thing she enjoys doing is expressing gratitude to people that contributed to her life. “She (Wawa) now manages my business but it’s nothing compared to what she did for me but may God keep blessing her.”

In a previous interview with ZiMoja, she shared how she was coping with depression. “There was a time when I wanted to quit. Living with depression and anxiety has been hard,” she said. In 2020 she was ready to give up on life. “I even tried to take my life because I felt like I had lost myself. I had nothing, lost all my friends, money and cars. I had absolutely nothing at all!” she said. “I then went to the studio. I had experimented with every single genre for 15 years.” This is when she recorded the song, Superstar. “It worked, then when we recorded Msebenzi Wethu. I was still unhappy and depressed. I decided not to sing that song but just cry my heart out, asking God when he would come through for me but without words. Nobody really knew how deep it was.”


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