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King Monada German car has been repossessed



King Monada has been experiencing bad things these days after his car was repossessed on Wednesday afternoon, and the Limpopo artist didn’t take so long and post on his Facebook page using his Sepedi language that it’s true that his car has been taken away from him.

It’s like the guy was laughing because he looks comfortable about this issue where many people started to feel sorry for him.

But he continued making jokes saying that he will be walking with feet because his german car has taken away by his bank that he owes a lot of money to this week.

German cars are one of the expensive cars in the country because of the quality that they have as they are specially designed for certain people who are wealthy.

People like Monada are also making a lot of money through the music and they are they are getting a lot of bookings.

But maybe the Covid19 pandemic might be the reason why Monada has been struggling to afford this car.

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