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Kejile Kejile Thabo responds to Zodwa wa bantu



Black motion member Thabo has been in the news since Friday where he was accused by Zodwa wa Bantu live on television about having sex with him, we’re things got hectic after Zodwa included the girlfriend on his topics that made the celebrity angry and said that they live his baby mother out of this.

Keele Keele as Thabo said through the video that he has taken while he was in his car on Saturday where it was trending all over the weekend, we’re most people were so amazed about how Thabo has conducted himself after allegations that were made by Zodwa who seems like exposing the guy.

It looks like Zodwa is out to expose each and everyone that he gets onto the bed with because she does not mean anything about her private life, and this might be a serious problem for many guys who have families because it can lead them to divorce we’re they will have to lose everything.

But Zodwa’s life is something else because she will also end up without having someone that she can call a lover where they can start a family together, because of this serious revelation that she has made live on the television screens where guys might run away from him.

Zodwa has been one of the influential people that were making the social media buzzing where most people comments a lot when they see his pictures, and this has got the country standing as people keep on following her as she gets some booking to major events in the country.

Can this be a downfall for Zodwa because most men won’t feel comfortable towards her and this might affect their careers if they have been exposed to sleeping with her, because most men were just caused by pleasure only to have enjoyed that few moments with her on the bed?

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