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Jub Jub is on a serious trouble



Amanda du Point husband Shawn has made life difficult for Jub Jub again after calling him a pig because of the video that was going around of his wife accusing him.

The JubJub story is starting to get out of hands this day because of the deepest secrets that have just been revealed yesterday where he is accused of abusing Kelly Khumalo in their previous relationship, which ended on full of tears for them because they were separated after he spends time in prison.

The situation is starting to be bad for Jub Jub because they are rumors that he has been suspended from Mojalove we’re the station gave him the second chance after he was released from prison, and he took this chance with two hands and never looked back after he delivered a stunning performance.

They were other rumors that Amanda du point is also accusing JubJub of being abusive during the relationship.

The parole terms that Jub Jub got might affect him a lot because he might go back to prison again but only the strong evidence can cause havoc for him.

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