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JSC Chairperson Tell Julius Malema. To Not Shout When Speaking At The JSC See Here – iReport South Africa News




Julius malema is known to be very vocal when he speaking and many people are raising there perspective around this matter understand that people have different tone and volume when they speak and in a country like South Africa people must be allowed to talk anyway they want as long as it does not harm the next person.

LIVE | Malema instructed by JSC chairperson not to shout: ‘Please moderate your tone’


The chairperson of the jse commission where Julius malema was busy interrogating the person who can become our next Chief Justice was ordered to lower the voice when speaking and this made many EFF people angry.

But the fact of the matter is that whether you raise your volume a lot the message will still be the same and be relevant even if I miss him so some people are taking it as same even if you whisper it is the same.

And other people are taking it as an offence because people must understand that Julius malema is not just the person is one of a well respected politician that South Africa ever produce one of his kind because he served both in the ruling party and then the opposition party.

Not many people in South Africa can do what she does molly maids done so far opening a political party and be able to contesting all the election and region in South Africa is not simple there are many political party which have been formed but the only regional party.

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