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Inside Ayanda Ncwane’s Zanzibar vacation (Photos)



Ayanda Ncwane joins the list of South African celebrities who explored other countries at the start of the year.

Mzansi celebrities took vacations to places like Dubai, Maldives, Zanzibar, and a few other countries.

Ayanda was in Zanzibar and she had various activities that kept her engaged aside from the pleasure of feeding her eyes with the beauty of the oceans.

The star spoke at a women’s conference and here’s a review after the event.

“Thank you for to @megafestbusinessawards for an incredible conference for women in Executive and leadership roles. A big thank you for hosting me, and mostly for the opportunity to learn from fellow amazing African women who are trailblazing in their respective fields. As I travel African countries meeting different women and our diverse cultures I learn observe a similar phenomenon that YOU GIVE A WOMAN A BRICK SHE BUILD A HOUSE!”

Let’s take a look at some of the photos from her Zanzibar trip.

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