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Innscor Africa Wants Unrepentant Rutendo Matinyarare Jailed



Legal Battle Escalates: Innscor Africa Wants Unrepentant Rutendo Matinyarare Jailed

The ongoing legal dispute between Innscor and South Africa-based political analyst Rutendo Matinyarare has intensified, with Innscor now seeking to have Matinyarare jailed.

Innscor Africa dragged Matinyarare to court recently after he made damaging accusations against the food company.

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Matinyarare’s Defamatory Claims and Legal Action

He claimed that since Innscor Africa took control of the meat industry, they’ve ruined the distinct flavour of Zimbabwean meat by introducing GMO feeds and steroids. Additionally, he alleged that Innscor Africa was selling grain contaminated with cancer-causing pesticides and growth hormones. Matinyarare argued that if Zimbabweans allow Innscor Africa to dominate and industrialize the food supply chain, the company will erode Zimbabwe’s culinary uniqueness.

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High Court Ruling and Social Media Restrictions

In response to Matinyarare’s defamatory claims, Innscor Africa took legal action and brought the matter before a South African court.

On January 9, the High Court instructed Matinyarare to remove the defamatory videos and posts from his social media accounts within 30 days. He was also prohibited from making any further defamatory statements about Innscor Africa.

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Innscor Africa Demands Rutendo Matinyarare to be Jailed

Now, Innscor Africa argues that Matinyarare has violated the court order by posting additional defamatory statements on his social media platforms. Consequently, Innscor Africa is requesting that Rutendo Matinyarare be jailed for two months, with the possibility of the sentence being suspended if he refrains from making defamatory accusations.

“The first respondent is committed to a period of imprisonment of 2 months, which committal is suspended on condition that the first respondent does not disseminate, directly or indirectly, false and defamatory allegations pertaining to the first and second applicants, or in any other manner breach the order by Siwendu J. The first respondent is liable to pay the applicants the costs of this application,” part of Innscor Africa’s latest High Court application reads.

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