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Hulisani Shares How Her Life Was Just Saved



Hulisani Ravele has taken to Twitter to thank her Uber Driver for saving her life.

“God bless my Uber driver,” she wrote as she began to narrate what happened. The TV and Radio presenter said she had a terrifying experience in Sandton.

She continued, “As I was beginning my walk down to that pick-up corner for the Sandton Gautrain station, I spot a sus guy heading towards me. I immediately stop, turn around, and hurry back towards the station. He walks down and just circles around there aimlessly.”

Hulisani said she then quickly called her Uber driver who came to her rescue. “I call my Uber driver to explain why I’m taking a little longer, he says “stay there sisi, I’ll park the car and walk across to get you”, we describe outfits so we can spot each other. His name, Melusi. And he truly was umelusi wam,” she wrote.

Fans have since taken to the comments section applauding Melusi for helping Hulisane out, @Wolf_Luna28 responded: “Yehyi the unsafe of this country, the wise u got to the sis guy faster before something happen.”

Hulisani recently celebrated her 34th birthday. She took to Instagram last week to share how she celebrated her special day.

The former YOTV presenter jetted off to Cape Town to meet her new age as she puts it. She said 34 showed up exactly how she had imagined. She wrote, “Exactly a week ago today, I met 34. Our first date was exactly what I wanted it to be; surrounded by the ocean, filled with love, laughter, bubbles & shots, and, of course, me, looking like a fire flame spitter!!! ????

“I wanted to show up to my first date with 34 with intention. I wanted her to understand just what I wish for our year together. That is, a year where we will stand firm & tall, a year where we will be bold, a year where we will let our light shine, unapologetically, and celebrate a heck of a lot! Here’s to 34, the year of more, she wrote.

A few days before her birthday, Hulisani penned a lengthy letter on Instagram thanking “33” for treating her well.

“Dear 33, My goodnesss, what a thrill you have been!” she began.

The star said the year was filled with so much joy and blessings. She said she learned about herself and got the courage to unlearn, explore, speak up, and always prioritize herself.

She continued, “Thank you for deepening my understanding of self, spirit, my ancestors, and my culture. Thank you for bringing me victories in so many ways! The ones that reminded me who TF I am and the many talents I am blessed with! Like damn, what a year.

“Thank you for bringing me love, again and again, thank you for taking it away every time you did not find it fit for me. Thank you for the lows and the experiences that challenged me and continue to grow me into this formidable woman who I marvel at with wonder and gratitude,” she wrote also sharing that she was looking forward to her 34th birthday.

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