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Housemates fail their Wager Task presentation – Big Brother Mzansi – iReport South Africa News




Over the past few days, Housemates spent their time rehearsing and refining their storytelling skills by introducing themselves and their stories in creative ways.

Although they chanted for “I don’t have to dance to your rhythm,” Biggie felt the Housemates had two left feet and did not find this rhythm at all. The Housemates had Wagered 100% for the Task with the hopes that telling their stories would be easy. However, this proved to be a little more complex than just telling their side of the story.

While the goal was within reach, their strategy to pair up for their performance was smart – but the Housemates failed to find the underpinning rhythm to their storytelling. Given their back and forth in decision making and last-minute changes Biggie was not impressed with the final presentation. Better luck next time Housemates.

The coming week will be riddled with a few tensions around the House as the Housemates seem to be blaming each other for sabotaging the presentation. Dinkybliss is currently withstanding most of it all as some Housemates feel like she went off script and jeopardised the presentation. Be it a blaming game or not we feel like they all needed to take collective responsibility for not matching each other’s energies.


With moving back to the basics being definite, we are curious to know just how the Housemates will fare the week to come as they adjust to these changes of living without luxuries. We hope tonight’s gourmet meal won’t be their last.

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