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Goodluck’s Juliet Harding announces pregnancy with her lover, Ben (Photos)



Juliet Harding is pregnant

Goodluck music band member, Juliet Harding is pregnant.

The singer and her long-term lover Ben are expecting their first child.

Juliet penned a lengthy note about her relationship with Ben, and how it wasn’t their intention to keep it secret for 15 years.

The couple are excited about the pregnancy, and they shared lovely photos on social media.

“Ben and I have been together for 15 wonderful years… please don’t fall off your chair 🤣 we never wanted to hide it, we just were never particularly public about it… and I guess we were conscious of trying to keep our relationship a bit off the radar. We always wanted our music to be the focus, and we felt that we could build our lives in the background… and let me tell you, what a journey it has been!

Quietly, and without shouting it from the rooftops… We built this band on a foundation of love. The very real and raw kind, that is passionate and creative, but also feisty and stubborn (those close to us will know just how stubborn)! We have worked together, travelled together, played together, made music together, dreamt together, and driven each other crazy… but ultimately, we have been able to call each other home. I could have never asked for a more incredible partner in this band and in this life.

As we enter this new chapter with our little one, we are pretty nervous and uncertain about the challenges that lie ahead. But we are also giddy with excitement to be bringing a new soul into this wild, wonderful world! It is quite incredible feeling all these wild, new emotions!

We are so grateful to have an extended community of some of the most supportive and loving people on the planet. You guys really have always had our backs. And we hope you will share any wisdoms and tips you have, after all… it takes a village.

We can’t wait to welcome our lucky little baby into this world in June 2024. Pretty crazy that we wrote this lyric without knowing what was destined in our stars.”

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