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Gomora| Ntokozo has left viewers talking again



The drama has left many people talking again because of the content that they bring to the television screens every day where many people have to witness, the life of a young man by the name of Ntokozo falling apart because of the decisions that his father did when he cheated on her mother which has caused a huge upset into the family.

Ntokozo has also done bad things in her life were he killed the husband of the woman that his father cheats his mother with and this has raised many questions, where people are asking if Ntokozo has brought this situation on himself to his family because if he didn’t kill the guy then we could have talked other things now.

The situation is very tense between Ntokozo and his father where they are not getting along together, and this is bringing bad results onto the family because the child has to respect his parents so that things can go well in his life.

Many people were left talking on Thursday night about how this relationship between father and son is taking them because they are things, that have happened before which has brought many people in the country because of how the drama has been doing all these days.

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