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Gogo Maweni shares update on her new house project (Video)



Gogo Maweni kicks off a huge project in 2023 and it’s nearing completion.

The South African star is building herself a mansion, and she talked about it in the previous year.

Taking to Instagram on Wednesday, Maweni shared a video of herself taking a tour around the house which is still under construction.

The sangoma’s husband Sabelo was also there to inspect how far the work had gone.

Gogo Maweni expressed excitement about the project and revealed that it’s a big one.

Fans and friends congratulated the traditional healer for the house.

A fan wrote, “It’s actually a great thing that Maweni is exposing Sabelo to thee life and teaching him how to love her and the business side of the world,If he messes up it’s his faults not hers….”

Watch the video below:

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