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| Frenzied Crowd Pushes To Get Close To Julius Malema At Liberian President’s Inauguration




Liberian security officials faced a challenging task as they tried to control a frenzied crowd during a paparazzi moment involving Julius Malema at the inauguration of President Joseph Boakai.

Malema, the leader of South Africa’s Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), had arrived in Liberia to attend the event in Monrovia.

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As Malema made his way to a car to leave the venue, the crowd pushed forward, prompting security officials and EFF spokesperson Vuyani Pambo to intervene and prevent a stampede.

Amidst the chaos, some individuals managed to break through the crowd and take pictures of Malema, who remained composed and smiled throughout the commotion. Eventually, the EFF leadership successfully reached their car and departed.

However, this was not the only dramatic incident during the inauguration, as President Boakai’s speech had to be cut short due to heat exhaustion.

Prior to the event, Malema spoke to the media, urging Liberian MPs to hold the incoming president and ministers accountable.

He emphasised the importance of not seeking personal favours or trying to gain the favour of the president or ministers, stating that this would be a failure on their part.

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Malema encouraged EFF members in Liberia to be vocal in their fight against corruption, ensuring that democracy thrives by safeguarding state resources.

The reaction on social media to the incident was mixed, with some expressing admiration for Malema’s composure and others questioning the level of security provided.

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The event served as a reminder of the influence and attention Malema commands, both within South Africa and abroad.

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