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Find out the shocking menu of the world’s most expensive restaurant



Alchemist is a two-Michelin-starred restaurant that is regarded as one of the most expensive restaurants in the world. It is located in Copenhagen, Denmark, behind a former theatre workshop. Here, food is not just to satisfy hunger but to enter an immersive, mind-bending journey.

=You walk down a narrow hallway to meet heavy bronze doors that open onto a planetarium-style dome restuarant. Inside the restaurant is dark, and behind the kitchen counter are shining jars filled with different ingredients.

When you settle down to eat, you are brought a 40/50 course meal filled with strange meals.

A CNN article describes what you are likely to see on the table:

  • A buttery lobster claw that lingers on the palate.
  • A silicone spoon in the shape of a tongue that you have to lick to discover its gooseberry and pumpkin seed flavours.
  • A meal called 1984 looks like a human eye according to Financial Times.
  • Herbs are arranged in the shape of Hans Christian Andersen, a Danish writer; they dissolve when soup is poured over them.
  • Round snowball that, when you bite into it, tastes like a ripe tomato.
  • Rabbit meat dishes
  • Blood drop-shaped ice cream with QR codes for organ donation. Since 2020, nearly 13,000 guests have used the organ donation QR code.
  • Chicken foot cage
  • Faroese sea urchin.
  • Nettle butterfly dish.

Head chef Rasmus Munk aims to create a surreal dining experience for the privileged few, with menus priced at 4600 DKK (£538/$720) per head, excluding drinks. Tickets are booked in advance and sell out quickly.

Here is a Michelin review of the restaurant: “An immersive and perfectly choreographed experience, eating here is a highly theatrical affair at the pinnacle of destination dining. Dinner is divided into acts and set across several locations, including a balcony, a play area, and a spectacular planetarium-like dome with images projected onto the ceiling. Dishes are technically complex and highly creative, with dramatic contrasts. Chef-owner Rasmus Munk believes food is a great way to communicate with people, so he accompanies his cooking with statements and ideas about the world.”

The meal portions aren’t about eating to satisfaction but having an experience with food. Would you love to visit this restaurant?

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