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Family gave Vusi Nova Zahara’s guitar and collection (Video)



Vusi Nova plays the late Zahara’s guitar

Vusi Nova receives the late Zahara’s guitar and her collection.

The singer died in December after being admitted to a private hospital for weeks due to liver complications.

She was laid to rest and her cherished guitar was given to her best friend, Vusi.

The two musicians were very close friends as seen in videos and photos shared on social media.

Vusi Nova shared a video of himself playing Zahara’s guitar and revealed that the family gave it to him.

“I can’t guys, my heart. So Zahara’s family did one of the most beautiful things ever! They just dropped off some of her collection of guitars and said they know she would have wanted me to have them.🥹 thank you so much!” he wrote.

Watch the video below:

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