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Emtee Throws Shade At Flash Ikumkani’s Upcoming Album



It seems like there’s some tension brewing in the South African music industry. Emtee, the talented rapper, recently made it known that he is not on good terms with fellow artist Flash Ikumkani.

And how did he make this none? Well, by throwing some serious shade at Flash’s upcoming album announcement.

A Twitter account with the handle @Flash_Ikumkani tweeted about his highly anticipated album titled “IsibaneSelali.” But instead of showing support or expressing excitement, Emtee had a different reaction. He took to Twitter to slam the announcement, making it clear that he is not a fan.


Now, we all know that Emtee is not one to hold back his opinions. He has always been known for his outspoken nature, and this incident is no exception. While he didn’t go into detail about why he isn’t on good terms with Flash, his tweet spoke volumes.

It’s no secret that the music industry can be a competitive and sometimes cutthroat environment.

Artists often find themselves at odds with each other, whether it’s due to personal differences or professional rivalries. And it seems like Emtee and Flash Ikumkani are no exception to this rule.

While we may never know the full story behind their feud, one thing is for sure – Emtee is not holding back when it comes to expressing his feelings. And who knows? Maybe this public display of animosity will lead to some epic diss tracks in the future. Only time will tell.

Twitter users were curious to know the reason for the hate.

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