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DJ Sbu’s Robbery: Real or Staged?



DJ Sbu found himself in a sticky situation when he was caught on camera getting robbed on the street. However, netizens are not buying the whole story and believe that the robbery was staged.

In a video posted on Twitter by user ThisIsColbert, DJ Sbu can be seen enthusiastically promoting his MoFaya energy drink to a motorist. The motorist appears interested and Sbu makes the mistake of handing over the drink before receiving payment. The motorist then speeds off without paying, leaving Sbu empty-handed.

While Sbu’s intention might have been to teach a lesson about taking payment first, netizens are skeptical. Many believe that the whole incident was staged for the purpose of gaining attention and promoting the product.

One netizen, KingOfAzeroth, sarcastically advised Sbu to “go hug a tree” to make everything alright. Lales_Mas expressed annoyance, stating, “Aaaghh!!! This was staged!”

Nkuli_McG pointed out that Sbu dropped some knowledge just seconds after the robbery, suggesting that it was clearly staged. okay_phela_cry even went as far as saying, “Sbu acts like a homeless person sometimes.”


The_Afrikan_ summed up the general sentiment by simply stating, “Staged!!”

Whether the robbery was real or staged, it’s clear that DJ Sbu knows how to get people talking. Perhaps this incident will serve as a lesson for both Sbu and his followers to be more cautious when conducting business on the streets.

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