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Dj Lamiez has got people talking



DJ Lamiez is one of the talented Tv host and radio presenters in the country were she host Live amp on Sabc 1 and this woman has got all it takes to make things better for her, as she entertains his listeners on the radio and also on the television screens were she works with Dj Speedsta.

This talented Dj is married to the hip hop legend Khuli chana who has won many awards through the music that he makes every day.

This couple looks nice to each other and they have done well for their careers where they are both recognized by the people of this country.

Her pictures are the ones that make people talk every day because they look good and they are inspiring.

To see a woman making a name for herself in the industry that is fully dominated by men is very promising.

There’s a lot that people can learn from this woman because she has taken the industry by storm.

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