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Connie Ferguson is the real Queen of Mzanzi



The social media platforms are buzzing about #Queen of mzanzi because it has been trending early in the morning where many people started to ask about who is the real queen of Mzanzi, and many people are taking a stand of sharing about the most loved woman that takes number one of being the most followed in all soppies.

Many people have started to express their different opinions about who is the real queen on the television screens where most people had to view them every day when they show their beauty, to all people of this country which is more interesting than seen more women going to a beauty contest and battle for the main price of been Miss South Africa.

The Mzanzi magic drama the Queen is one of the dramas that has come up with a new style on the television where they have made Cornie Ferguson the leading actor and the queen of the drama, and this means she is the real leading woman on our soppies because she has been done it before when she was playing Karobo Moroka on Generation legacy.

The achievement of Connie Chiume has made many people think otherwise because she has recently arrived in the United States of America, to take part in the most loved movie the black panther 2 which has been the voice of the black people.

She has also done a good job on the drama called Gomora on Mzanzi magic which has also added some new taste of how people in the township, are living their life’s when it comes to dealing with the challenges that they are facing every day.

Jessica Nkosi has been one of the women who is appreciated by many people in this country and she has gained a lot of respect by playing the character, of a humble Qondi in Isibaya which was loved by many people back in the days before it comes to the end.

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