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Congratulations to Makhadzi for buying a house



The entertainment industry was so happy yesterday after seen Makhadzi buying her own house which has started to give hope to many youths in the country, where they will try to work hard so that they can make money for themselves during these difficult times of the Covid19 pandemic.

Makhadzi is 25 years old and she has made great things in the entertainment industry where she has worked with the likes of Master Kg and King Monada, and both artists are coming from the province of Limpopo we’re they are pushing hard to promote their province through music.

Many people still think that Makhadzi will offer a lot of things in this industry because of the music that she sings and age is still good on his side where she has reached a lot of things at 25, because most young people reach this kind of achievement at the age of 30 were they starting a new chapter in life.

Music is what has changed the life of this young woman because she has achieved this through the talent that God has given her where she makes a living with it, but there’s has been a lot of challenges that these people have been faced before they can make it in the entertainment industry.

They use this challenges as a way to motivate the upcoming artist and the young people across the country that they can make it in life so that they can live better lives with their families, because it’s a dream of any child in this country who want to make it in life and provide for their families.

Makhadzi has gone through a lot the year where he failed to win the SAMA awards because she didn’t get any nominee from that event, and this has caused her big time because her supporters were expecting her to win some awards that can cost his career in this industry.

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