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Check responses of people after family meeting



They were a lot of responses on Friday morning after the president of the country Cyril Ramaphosa has delivered the lookdown speech on Thursday night were took the country to level 1.

So that people can try to perform other activities that they have not done before which has come out to be the worrying factor for many people who are still trying to adapt to this situation.

The main concern that the people are talking about is the issue of vaccination were they have talked about those people who were not vaccinated, were they got worried if they will able to attend other events that will be hosted around the country because they fear that those people can put their lives onto danger if they attend.

Some have said that this will make the government forced people to take the vaccine that has already started in the parts of the country so that, Ramaphosa can allow people to go to the stadium to watch their favorite team playing in the country.

The vaccine roll-out has been going well in the country and the president didn’t have the choice but to allow the movements of the people to happen.

This virus infects people through spreading and if a large number of people gathered together at a venue their possibilities are that they get infected with this virus.

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