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Charges against Bishop Makamu has been dropped



National Prosecuting Authority has withdrawn the case that were against Bishop Makamu today and now the man of God is a free man after a long time of hardships and sufferings were his image was also tainted, by this charges that were press against this pastor who has worked hard for himself.

Makamu was accused of sex harassment were he asked one his girls from the church to sleep with him and this recording was going viral on the social media platforms were the pastor was forced, to lose his job so that he can clear his name.

NPA has said that the evidence proves that Makamu is innocent and they have decided to withdraw all the charges that were made against him, and this has made many christian to be happy accross the world mostly those who follows him on the social media.

The body of christ has been under attack lately were most pastors have been exposed through the bad things that they are doing at home were they using the bible as a tool to hide themselves, but things have changed lately were many people are gathering enough evidence to expose them.

There’s a lot of celebration that has been going around of many people who are supporting Makamu because he has also returned to his tv show were he use this show as a plartfom, to interact with many people in the country and help them to solve their problems.

But things are still clear on what was Makamu asking on the cellphone because it was clear that the man was asking for sexual intercourse, but others have said that the guy was asking for the church keys which makes the matter to be more complicated and won this case.

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