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Candice Modiselle saves young man from committing suicide



Candice Modiselle

Candice Modiselle saved a young man who was about to commit suicide.

The South African star shared a screenshot of the message the unknown man sent to her.

The man said watching Candice’s video stopped him from killing himself.

The emotional man appreciated her for giving him hope.

Candice shared the testimony on her social media account and it inspired her followers.

“The unquantifiable love of God. A brief testimony on a message I received from a young gentleman that brought me to tears. The power of words, to encourage, to build, to LOVE. This love month, may we remember what lies in the tongue and how we use it. Please don’t hesitate when you feel a nudge to share an encouraging message, a scripture, a prayer, a word. You never know whose life you’re being called to enrich. To God be all the glory,” Candice wrote.

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