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Cabinet reshuffle is knocking after this incidents



The looting that has taken place last week in Gauteng and Kwazulu Natal has shown that there’s no communication between different ministers, in the cabinetwherere Ayanda Dlodlo has come out gun blazing yesterday saying that she was baffled by the minister of police Bheki Cele.

This has exposed the incompetence that is in the cabinewherere the president has also confessed live on tv last week on Friday on his speech, that the government was not ready and prepared to deal with this kind of issue thahaveas involved the people of South Africa.

This has caused a huge blow in the cabinet because the president has given the ministers a full responsibility of dealing with this issue, which concerns the department that the government is facing mostly the late week protests thahaveas hit the country so bad.

The minister of defense is also the person that might be in trouble losing her job because she has been struggling to do some urgendecisionon, regarding her departmenwherere the president has made tough implementation of deploying soldiers on the streets of South Africa.

According to the report, ts the minister didn’t know that the president was taken the desicion of deploying soldiers in those areas, which has caused a huge blow in the cabinet because it has proven that she cannot deal with this matter.

Will Cyril Ramaphosa take e harsh decision of reshuffling his cabinet in the weeks to come because things are starting to be tense in the country, and he must prove to many people that he is a good leader that makes sure that his ministers are performing.

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