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Bushiri seeks for justice after appearing in Lilongwe magistrate court



Bushiri has been the most talked about  man this days as he has flawed from South Africa to his home country of Malawi after he didn’t afford to adhere to tough bail restriction that we’re giving by South African law.

Today he appeared on his home town court as he tried to avoid been sent back to South Africa to face difficult questions.

of why he did escape to his home country of Malawi we’re, he is living now and things have been more problematic for him because he has to work together with his spiritual children in South Africa.

Last week many South Africans visited Bushiri on his country to attend a church service on been baptized in the water.

Bushiri leads those people to his prayer mountain before the service starts then he took them to a beautiful dam on his area for this service.

This service has been perform when you welcome new members in the church where they had to go through the process of been washed in the water so that they can begin their new Christian life.

What amazed people was that the major prophet did this by himself where he got on the water on this dam and perform the service by himself.

This has made many people follow him on social media where they started to comment about him on how he did perform this ceremony.

But today was a different day as the man of God was having another bad day of his life when he was appearing before magistrate court.

Nothing can be said now as Bushiri is the most wanted man in the country and his come back might send him into prison before he didn’t adhere to bail rules by skipping the borders.

Can Major finally come back

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