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BREAKING NEWS – A 28 year female police Constable reportedly shot the father of her child as well as her five months old baby girl before taking her own life.




The horrible incident, which has been strongly condemned by management of the police in the province, occurred in the evening of Saturday 13 February 2021 at Embalenhle.
Reports on this unfortunate event reveals that the said member, who was off duty at the time, allegedly used her service firearm to shoot the 33 year old man as well as her little daughter before turning the gun on herself.

The police as well as the medical personnel were notified about the incident and upon arrival the woman was certified dead at the scene.
Meanwhile her daughter as well as the man were taken to a nearby clinic where the man unfortunately passed on upon arrival.
The little girl though was transferred to hospital after being stabilized but she too later succumbed to her injuries.
Police also recovered a firearm next to the woman’s body.

Police have since opened a case with two counts of murder and an inquest.
Preliminary probe suggests that the unfortunate drama may have been fuelled by acts of domestic violence as the two are reported to have been going through a rough patch where the little girl’s mom even moved out from the man’s house.
It is said that on the day, the man brought a female friend as a visitor at his place of residence where both are said to have left for a little while after leaving her bags.
The two reportedly returned to pick up some items not being aware that the mother of his daughter and his baby girl came to the house also.
The man is said to have remained in the car whilst his visitor went inside only to find the woman armed with a firearm. She was then held at gunpoint and ordered to take a seat by this woman (member).

The man became concerned when his visitor did not return.
After a while, he then went in and realized that the mother of his daughter was furious and was waiting for him outside, next to the backroom, firearm in her hand.
A scuffle then broke out resulting in the fatal shooting. It is further reported that the other woman (who came with the man) managed to escape unharmed. She then reported the incident to the authorities.

The police have called on members to refrain from using violence to resolve issues but rather make use of Employee Health and Wellness (EHW) services within the department whenever they face challenges in their relationships.

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