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BREAKING: MKHIZE has been shot dead, Mzansi still in shock



BREAKING: MKHIZE has been shot dead, Mzansi still in shock.When will the killings come to an end or be brought to an end? This is a question to which one has so far been unable to obtain any reasonable concrete response. Over the last few months, a rise of politically motivated killings has reached apocalyptic proportions.

BREAKING: MKHIZE has been shot dead, Mzansi still in shock

The OnlineNewzBible has quite extensively reported on the prevalence of politically influenced killings in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, nonetheless, the scourge seems to be continuing unabated following the news that another high-profile ANC leader has died.

According SABCNews journalist Nonkuleko Hlophe, the ANC has been rocked by the untimely passing away of eThekwini municipality councillor, Minenhle Mkhize of ward 103.

It is reported that Mkhize was shot and killed last night.
The exact location of his killing remains unknown, but speculation is swirling that the killing appears to be politically influenced with alleged perpetrators being his political enemies.

Mkhize, who was most likely between the ages of 30-35, was a member of the eThekwini Region’s Youth League. Meanwhile, the ANCYL has expressed acalectic disgust over his assassination.

In a statement posted on Facebook, the Youth League waxed lyrical about the significant contribution which Mkhize made during his short-lived political career, particularly in communities around eThekwini, saying, “his death robs the movement of a pioneer of change with enormous potential.”

Mkhize was elected into council after the November 30 local government elections, and of course his election could have been at the expense of other comrades, which is why he was ultimately eliminated

In the meantime, fellow ANC leaders in the region have moved with automatic alacrity to visit Mkhize’s home in Cliffdale, Durban to commiserate with his family and loved ones.

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Mkhize’s death must really be painful but it is not surprising at all considering the modus operandi of ANC members in KZN in particular, eThekwini.
Journalist Gred Arde’s book War Party, which those with a keen interest in understanding political dynamics in KZN should consider reading, explains why the region is beset with unabating political influenced killings.

He argued that, unlike in other provinces, leaders of the ANC in KZN do not engage on political matters robustly, rather, if any irreconcilable ideological difference exists between leaders with opposing views, they resort to elimination – which involves hiring hitmen from the notorious taxi industry in Kwamashu.

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